The Camping will be open from 12h00 of August 29th (Thursday) e it closes at 13:00 of the September 1st (Sunday).

For safety and sustainability reasons, only the Pass-FATT of 3 or 2 day festival is entitled to camping. With daily ticket is not allowed to camp. Participants with daily ticket must leave the place when the doors close on the day of the ticket. Without their credential is not allowed to stay in the camping area.

It is strictly forbidden to camp outside the enclosed camping, witch can be considered wild camping. being the local authorities responsability for the areas outside to the festival permisses. any incident outside the limits defined by the organization, is entirely the responsibility of the involved persons

Is not allowed to stay on monday.

Tends Area

This area is limited only to camping tent. It is forbidden vehicle parking (cars, motorbikes or caravans).

CamperVan Area

Area bounded to parking caravans. No parking of other vehicles (eg cars or motorbikes). This zone is forbidden assembling tents. There will be areas bounded to a correct parking permit to allowed more space in the parking.

Caravans are only allowed from 9am until 9pm. If arriving later, they must park in the outdoor car park and enter the next day.


  • Male and Female wc's and showers;
  • Washing area (closed to bar);
  • Recycle and normal garbage bin;


  • Suncream and mosquito's repellent (Very important!);
  • Fresh water;
  • Please use natural products to prevent pollution;
  • You can only make fire in the specific places (If a fire is detected outside this area, it is immediately erased and the responsible person need to leave the festival);
  • It is not allowed any type of glass bottles;
  • Respects the environment, reduces waste and uses the recycle bin's properly;
  • Pick up all your dog's dropings;
  • Please respect the camping silence hours;

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  • Information / APD Store
  • Car Parking
  • Camper Parking
  • Tends Camping
  • Workshop Area
  • Market Area
  • Catering Area
  • Sun stage
  • Moon stage
  • Bar