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As part of the FATT tradition, the APD presents the design for the FATT 2019. Inspired by the various phases of Yidaki construction, the drawing brings to us the graphic representation from the collection of wood, after being "eaten" internally by termites, until the aesthetic part that includes the painting, characteristic of each clan.


With the limite edition, this T-Shirts are available during the festival. The cost of each t-shirt is 15€

We have available T-shirts for Men, Women, Kids with different size and colors

Men (S / M / L / Xl / XXL / XXXL)

  • Green
  • Gray

Women (M / L )

  • Red
  • Blue

Kids (9 a 10 years)

  • Red
  • Blue

Eco Copo FATT

Since 2014 the organization has implemented the Eco-Cup FATT as a way to reduce waste, mainly focus on plastic. So we are increasing environmental measures during the event. The FATT 2019 Eco-Cup will be available for sale for only 1 € and can be purchased at the FATT Bar, Ticket Office, FATT Store and participating restaurants.

All drinks must be served in the eco-cup and this can not be returned at the end of the event. If you have your own cup, mug or canteen you are welcome to bring them and use them during the FATT, but let me tell you that the FATT 2019 Eco-Cup has an amazing design and is a great souvenir of the festival to take it home.

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