Are available three types of commercial spaces : Handicrafts, Therapies and Catering Stalls. If you wish to obtain one of these spaces during our event, please read all conditions and sign up until 15th August, 2024. All registrations will be reviewed by the organization, which reserves the right to accept or refuse them.

Evaluation order:

  • Arrival time of the applications;
  • Diverse and originality of proposals;
  • Matching the festival theme and environment conscience;
  • Payment order;

Payment will only be only accepted after confirmation. If yes, the candidates will have 7 working days to make the reservation of the stand

We recommend everyone to read the conditions for exhibitors. The provisions of this Regulation are accepted by exhibitors at the time of your application and apply to the relations established between them and the APD (Associação Portuguesa do Didgeridoo). Acceptance of participation of exhibitors belong to the organization may refuse any application that according to its criteria do not fit the scope or objectives of the Festival. The registration must be made and until 15th June . The organization reserves the right decision to choose the location requested by each of the exhibitors. To be validated registration is obligatory fill out the form and make the payment.

The organization does not provide collection and does not provide material to display the products.


The craft fair is part of the FATT and is considered one of the most original fairs among the festival. Our rules are simple, but the selection is strict:

We have available 30 stalls

  • Original craftsmanship and craftsmanship;
  • World-wide fair-trade craftsmanship that develops communities;
  • Ethnic quality musical instruments;
  • Environmentally and animal friendly products;

Price: The price of (3x3m) space for crafts is 70 Euros, including 2 Pass-FATT.

Handicrafts Registration


There are more and more people looking for sound, taste therapy or massages to relax from a stressful day. Although FATT provides a relaxing environment in itself, 3 spaces are available for this purpose. The rules are simple.

We have available only 3 stalls

  • Sound Massage;
  • License for physical massages, respecting all client's hygiene and privacy protocols.
  • No kind of shamanism or religions beliefs are allowed for these spaces;
  • The location of the stand is specific and determined by the organization;

Price: The price of (3x3m) space for therapies is 70 Euros, including 2 Pass-FATT.

Therapies Registrations


We have available only 5 stalls

General conditions:

  • Homemade and freshly cooked food;
  • Hygiene and food safety protocol;
  • Food sales license;
  • The sale of alcoholic drinks are not allowed;
  • Ability to have the stand open and with food from 10am until 02am;
  • Display list of available products;
  • The organization reserves the right to accept or reject proposals without justification;

Price: The price for this stall until 25m2 (5x5m) is 275€, including 4 Pass-FATT (need to be identified in the form). Send full name of all elements with citizen card or Passport

Catering Registration

For bigger stalls or more people please contact us.

General Conditions

  • Assembly and disassembly of the exhibited products should be carried out every day, subject to opening hours to the public;
  • The space, lot or stand, is located outdoors;
  • Each exhibitor will have to bring own structure, tent, lighting (lamps, extensions and triple, etc.);
  • Exhibitors are forbidden to connect any electrical appliance without the authorization of the organization;
  • Do use of power generators is not allowed;
  • The organization does not provide or facilitate material for exposing the products;
  • The loading and unloading of goods can only be made up to 30 minutes after the opening of the Festival to the general public is not allowed to stay in the car festival grounds during operation;
  • The exhibitor is responsible for its own material;
  • The organization does not guarantee spaces for storage;
  • The organization is not responsible for any withdrawals and they shall be reported until 30 July for possible monetary return;
  • Pets are allowed in the festival under some responsibility terms, please check the pets section;
  • The craft exhibitors and "therapies" are not allowed to trade in foods and drinks;
  • We request that the end of the Festival, each exhibitor undertakes the cleaning of your space. It will be made available to exhibitors containers of garbage and recycling;
  • The rental of stand space gives access to the festival grounds, in which the activities and camping (tent and caravan);
  • Entries are free for children under 12, according to the general conditions of access to the Festival;
  • Any doubts and omissions will be resolved with the organization;
  • Reception
  • Information / APD Store
  • Car Parking
  • Camper Parking
  • Tends Camping
  • Workshop Area
  • Market Area
  • Catering Area
  • Sun stage
  • Moon stage
  • Bar